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The cost of water has become a major factor and plays a vital role in today's water treatment control.  The cost of water lost to the sewer to meet bleed demands may well outweigh the cost of chemicals.  We now can offer the most effective scale and corrosion control program.

Water Treatment

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Minimize scale and corrosion in your boilers by customizing the formula to fit your boiler system.

  1. We give you monthly reports.
  2. Maintain feeding and blow down equipment.
  3. Provide laboratory analyses and consultation if required.
  4. Conduct a training school covering the latest technology in chemical treatment of boilers and cooling towers.

Alkalinity Control


Holding 6 to 8 max cycles, versus the 2.75 or fewer cycles, the bleed and feed "Total Organic" system.

If you have any large Cooling Towers and would like to save $5,000 to $50,000 in water and sewage charges per year, we have the program to keep your towers clean, free from scale build up and free from algae growth.

Save Energy Save Water

Save Millions and Millions of gallons of water per year: On our new technology for cooling towers and have a cleaner system.

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